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This invention will be very advantageous with the freezer wagons (see here).

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This invention will be very useful for the compressed-air cars (see here).

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System of production of electricity using the same technique

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First prototype


_Système of air-conditioning for all vehicles not consuming any énergie_

_ “Compressing of suspension” is a system allowing the use of the force generated by movements of suspensions compared to the frame of a vehicle.   

_Strength, lost at present, is the alone usable that we can recover.

_The first point of anchoring (A) will be fixed at the frame of the car, train, truck, or another vehicle, the other one (B) on the system of suspension, bogie of train, freezer wagons, etc….




 _This system will allow, once the car moving, to take over traditional compressor of the refrigerant of air-conditioning; each of the triangle or crane of the vehicle compressing gas, which makes it possible to save the energy taken on the engine of the vehicle via the traditional compressor and to thus generate notable savings in fuel.  

_The air-conditioning, reversed (system of heat pump), can heat without consuming energy, all the electric vehicles: trains, trams, electric cars, etc ........  



   _This system can apply to compress air (assistance of the brakes), to be used as pump with    vacuum for the same use; it could also be used as hydraulic compressor.


_ The shock absorbers or spheres of suspension, reconfigured, will be able to include the system of    “Compressing of suspension” thus fulfilling two functions in an apparatus.  

_Is to be noted that if the suspension of a vehicle has a weak clearance, this one will be compensated by the increase in the diameter of piston or membrane of the compressor.                                       

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_Bilan climatique_

_Système allowing the use of all the amplitudes of dénivellations_



             _Machine of exposition_ (10Mo) film heavy, long to start at the time of the 1st passage.


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